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Assessment and SAT Prep

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Assessment Testing

Arden Reading Clinic offers full composite screenings should you not have previous testing within the current school year. Testing is used to uncover discrepancies between your child's intelligence (potential) and their achievement (actual level working at) in order to determine individual strengths and weaknesses. Should a severe discrepancy between intelligence and achievement be noted, a referral for more in-depth testing may be warranted. ARC does make referrals to both private and public institutions.

Testing, as well as parent/teacher information, is used to plan a student's program and to determine appropriate teaching strategies. Our teaching is diagnostic-prescriptive in nature and takes into consideration the individual's learning process.

In addition, ARC offers full composite screenings without tutorial services. This will help you learn more about your child's unique learning style. We also offer end of year testing for home-schooled children.

Standardized Achievement Test Preparation

For over ten years, Arden Reading Clinic has been helping area students to be better prepared for the College Board exams by helping them test more confidently. In twenty-two hours, our course reduces test anxiety and enlightens students as to ways to increase their score; not by last-minute cramming of knowledge, but by logical, commonsense, educationally correct techniques for figuring out the answers to unknown SAT questions. Our students gain an average of 100-150 points over previous tests.

Students begin and end this course by taking actual SAT's which have been given by the College Board in previous years. This helps the student to become familiar with the format and difficulty level of the test questions. It further permits us to evaluate the effectiveness of its preparatory course.

Our group course is taught at the most convenient hours for students. Furthermore, there is opportunity for additional one-on-one tutoring as a students needs and interests dictate.

Why choose this course?

  • Affordable cost
  • Skilled, trained instructors
  • Convenient hours
  • Sound, basic test-taking strategies
  • Exclusive, updated materials keeping with changes in SAT
  • Unique ways to unlock vocabulary and meaning
  • Math instruction individualized
  • Informal, relaxed small-group atmosphere