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Call us now!
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What Parents Are Saying About Us

A note to wish you and your family a joyous holiday season! And also to say once again, "thank-you" for the wonderful experience Peyton and I had at ARC. Peyton is doing well in 4th grade. Her reading has improved tremendously-YEAH! It's amazing how much your program and the clinic helped her. We can't praise you all enough! She mentions ARC quite often and "misses going there!" Don't be surprised to see us drop in one evening just for "old times sake!"
- Peyton and Cindy Byrd

Thanks for taking the time to help me out with Cameron's IEP and attend the meeting, I could have never made it this far without the "clinic." You guys are wonderful and I appreciate you so much!
- Cindy Petit

I wanted to say how much I appreciate all you ladies have done for my boys. You, as well as the teachers, have been terrific. Thanks so much for everything. I will be good advertisement for ARC. Take care and keep up the good work.
- God Bless, Amelia Stepp

Thank you! You have done so much for Taylor. He is reading everything and writing so well-I'm so pleased. I think you are building quite an outstanding facility-with a wonderful staff and the atmosphere is warm and professional. I will recommend you to everyone.
-Take care, Sally Phillips

It is wonderful to have an environment that is supportive of home-schooling students. The one-on-one teaching and encouragement is the perfect situation to continue the learning process. Jamie has made dramatic improvements in his reading and spelling abilities. The program motivates him and has given him the tools he needs to take apart and put together the sounds of words. As a result, his confidence has also improved and he feels comfortable reading aloud.
- Susan Pitcher

My son was referred to the Arden Reading Clinic by his school guidance counselor. We were initially concerned with his lack of organizational skills, which was affecting his grades. Upon talking with the instructors at ARC, we found a way to incorporate that program with preparing for the SAT. The improvement that he made was exceptional. He now has the skills necessary to be more organized and best of all his SAT score actually increased by more than 250 points. His score has attracted some excellent colleges. Thank you Arden Reading Clinic for all that you do to help prep our/your students.
- Sincerely, Essie W. Thompson

David and I watched Helen Keller not too long ago. We both sat there and cried. We feel like you are our Anne Sullivan. Thank you for finding the key to unlocking Megan's brightness! We are so proud of how hard she has worked and what she has been able to accomplish.
- From the bottom of my heart, Patti Talton