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Dr. Andrew Saldino shares ARC's approach to literacy education in this "Taxonomy of Reading" talk. Watch this video to have a better sense of where your child might be struggling on the literacy journey and how we can address those challenges. Click here to skip to the section on challenges in decoding and fluency, where many children need help.

Asheville’s Oldest and Finest Tutorial Service Helping Students Achieve Success in Learning since 1982.

Arden Reading Clinic is a full-service tutorial with an added specialty– we know how to teach and reach students who struggle with learning challenges. Our population of students with learning differences varies along a continuum from mild to severe. Some students have single areas of weakness, while others have multiple deficits. Some students simply need a boost in a specific subject area, while others require more intensive, directed, and structured systematic teaching.

We encourage early intervention, and our success lies in giving a full hour of one-on-one instruction, 2-5 times per week. Tutor and student will remain together until programming is completed. All students are assessed on an individual basis, and an educational program is created based on individual needs. At Arden Reading Clinic we partner with you in your child’s education. We often consult with schools, principals, and counselors to create a more comprehensive team approach. We love to teach and are committed to each individual’s success.

Why ARC?

ARC has been helping students achieve success in learning since 1982.

We provide specialized educational assistance to students of all ages. To reach a student with a learning difference, we use evidence-based teaching methods to tap into individual strengths and “unlock” learning potential. We know that the yearly game of playing catch up to one’s classmates, coupled with the rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, is exhausting for both the student and the parent. When a child is provided with scientifically proven intervention, that ride can slow and even stop. Many classroom teachers lack the content, depth of training, and especially time needed to provide appropriate instruction for each individual student, so that’s our role. Our trained and experienced tutors supply students with the tools they need to get off the rollercoaster.

Arden Reading Clinic offers student instruction in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Study Skills, middle and high school courses, and SAT/ACT Preparation. We use a multi-sensory approach as the foundation for all instruction, thereby embedding and enhancing neuro-pathways for memory and learning.  Multi-sensory instruction simultaneously employs all pathways of learning: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile.

In addition, Arden Reading Clinic collaborates with home school and private school communities by providing educational consultations as well as end of year testing. We offer comprehensive assessments for both Cognitive and Achievement testing using nationally normed tests. We are happy to consult privately with you and/or meet with the child’s school to help design the most appropriate educational programming.

Arden Reading Clinic has successfully helped thousands of bright young minds bridge the gap between their achievement and their true potential. To become a part of our family, please call or email us: 828-658-9448 or ardenreadingclinic@gmail.com.