A New Resource for Our Students

Good morning! I hope the summer has gotten off to a rousing start for everyone.

I want to make you all aware of an exciting partnership that our students will benefit from beginning this fall. Asheville Catholic School, and Arden Reading Clinic will be working together to better serve our students. ACS is blessed beyond measure to have a fantastic reading specialist in Karen Ascik with us during the week. However, we recognize that many students have needs that are not related to language arts, and we also realize that Karen is only one person with a limited amount of time during the week!

ARC will work with families to provide them with additional support through their services. How does ACS figure in to all of this? We are providing space during the school day for ARC teachers to work with our students.

That’s right. Additional support in language arts, mathematics, and learning needs in other areas will be available to your student through Arden Reading Clinic during the school day. This eliminates the need for extra hours spent after school, when students need to be “sharpening the saw” while focusing on other interests.

Why is this important?

At Asheville Catholic School, we have over 170 students who all have different learning needs. While we have come a long way in our ability to meet all of those needs, we acknowledge that we still have more work to do. By partnering with Arden Reading Clinic, we take a big step towards better serving the diverse learning needs of our students.

How will this benefit my child?

This will provide a versatile resource for your child to access additional learning support in areas beyond what ACS already offers. This partnership will also support what ACS is currently providing through the expertise of Karen Ascik and her background in Orton-Gillingham instructional techniques.

Perhaps of greatest benefit, your child will not have to “add on” another hour to his/her school day with after school tutoring. That time can be spent pursuing other interests such as athletics, the arts, or just having some “down time” at home.

How will this work?

It’s simple. Interested parents will contact ARC about potential services based on the needs of the student. Before school begins in August, the school will meet with teachers from ARC to establish times that are convenient during the school day for students to receive the additional support they need. Once agreed upon, those times become part of the regular school schedule for that student. Compensation for services will be an arrangement that is strictly between parents and Arden Reading Clinic.

What do I do if I am interested?

It’s easy! Contact Arden Reading Clinic to let them know you would like to explore using their services at Asheville Catholic during the next school year. They will direct you on the process from there.

We are very excited about this new opportunity for our students. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To reach Arden Reading Clinic, call the following number. 828-658-9448 or email Marcy or Diane at marcy@ardenreadingclinic.com

Have a great rest of the summer!